Sudden S3 Issues & Errors

I’m encountering major issues seemingly related to the Storj S3 Gateway and website

All of my apps that access Storj S3 buckets through the S3 gateway stopped working yesterday, I have not changed the credentials or removed the keys. This issue persists across Android, Linux, and Windows apps, and even persists trying to access or create any bucket on the Storj website.

Errors I get are numerous, but include:
“Do not have proper permissions to bucket”
“Error: Permissions”
“Unspecified error”

Storj Website error:
Can not get gateway credentials”

  • The keys I made are still shown on the keys page
  • I get an error on the site when trying to make a new bucket
  • Triple checked passwords and S3 configurations

What’s going on?

Please file a support ticket from the same email address your Storj Account is registered under, so we can fix this issue for you asap. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please also register for a help desk account to expedite processing of your ticket.

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Support got back to me and it is fixed :pray: