Suddenly Quic misconfigured

My long term node is suddenly showing QUIC Misconfigured.
It was fine previously.

I did not change setting, meaning that UDP ports were open and are still open.
Node version is v1.57.2.

Has your router recently rebooted or had issues if so recheck if port is forwarded also have you refreshed the dashboard as this has happened to me a few times

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No changes on the router.
The node was displaying QUIC as OK before.
Port is forwarded same like TCP port. Docker run command has UDP set.

I don’t know what else to check. Guess next thing to try is a node restart.

I haven’t checked back on my node because I had no idea what else to check.

Now when I came over this tool

I decided to look again and my node shows QUIC OK now. So all is good again, I don’t know what resolved it. I can see it has new version 1.58.2 the update surely had restarted the node, so maybe that or the new version solved the issue.

More like restart “resolved” it - the check is performed only on start. So, if something misbehave when your node were restarted, it may show “QUIC misconfigured” until the next restart.

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That would be a perfect information to put into a tooltip in the node dashboard.

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