[Suggestion] Extension on 1TB for additional month

Is it possible to get 1 Month longer the free 1 TB Account? Because since today I am able to really use Tardigrade with the working Docker gateway and working Duplicati.

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Hey @jensamberg that’s really great news that you’ve been finding ways to use Tardigrade well.
I took the liberty of moving your original post here into “Ideas and Suggestions” so other people can chime in and share their opinions as well.

It sounds like the reason you’re asking about extensions is that it took you a little while to get to the point where you feel you’re rocking and rolling. Am I correct in that assessment? if so, when did you feel like you reached the point of being able to really “do something” with the platform? Did it take you longer than a month?

I can also bring your suggestion into this week’s meetings and let the team know that its a request. I cant guarantee whether your suggestion gets accepted, but I can assure you that we will consider it. Naturally, decisions like this that affect the company’s bottom line are above my level, but my boss and the executive team are keenly interested in hearing community feedback. I have a meeting with the executive team each week, specifically so they can know what people want.

the challenge of course for our company is balancing supply and demand, while also entering the market in a robust way So there are a lot of moving pieces.

PS - Have you had a chance to check out our blog posts on pricing at all ?

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@jocelyn Yes you are right. I am asking due to It take very long longer then a month to bring the platform up and running for me with Duplicati. I also had contact with testers and reported Issues with Duplicati.

Now I am satisfied that it works since yesterday.

I am a supporter of Storj. I also have seven Nodes running on different locations.

So It will be nice to have the 1 month the 1 TB longer that I can test the product.

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@jensamberg thats useful to know! so if i can add a little interpretation, i wonder if the real “ask” i should be bringing to internal conversations is that some devs who are working on complex issues may have requests for additional time. I wonder what good ways we could use to identify that particular demographic. Would it be a matter of looking at the number or API keys and buckets? the frequency of activity? Im trying to get my head around what indicators to look for. That would help me make a more compelling rationale .

Ok let’s see what happen

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Hi @jensamberg I talked to some people here about your suggestion and we’re looking into its feasibility . Will let you know what develops, thanks again for reaching out!