Suggestion: maintenance mode

Hello everyone, I don´t know if this has been already been discussed or it is been worked behind the curtains.
I am thinking on including a button on the dashboard or a command, that lets you choose a day and a time window on which you are going to perform scheduled maintenance.
When executed the node will send a signal to the satellites telling them that is entering maintenance mode for the allocated time, during this period no audits or uptime checks will be performed as with the node offline they will fail but the network is aware that the node is out. When the time expires the satellites send a signal to check if the node is back online if the answer is true it starts an audit process to check that file integrity has been kept, if false the node is concede a 1 hr grace time just in case the maintenance was miscalculated or some last minute trouble has arisen, after the hour has passed and if the node is not online it will fall into suspension mode and following the checks that this state works with.



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