Suggestion to Storj to join the Alternative Cloud Alliance

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Can’t help it, but here is another one to pass on:

For years Cloud computing has been dominated by an “Evil Empire” of large, unyielding corporations forcing vendor lock-in and serving unbounded data egress fees.
There is a clear need for an Alternative. An alternative cloud is any cloud platform other than AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Doesn’t this sound like it was asking for Storj?

Hosting solution provider Hivelocity created the Hivelocity Alternative Cloud Alliance that other companies can join.

Members are already:

Actually they are reselling Wasabi as Cloud Object Storage:

I don’t see any reason why they should not resell the decentralized Storj DCS product as well to their customers. They seem to prefer alternative and innovative solutions over the ‘evil’ large established ones like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

So this sounds like a perfect partnership fit for Storj and I’d suggest to contact them for collaboration.


Thank you for looking out @jammerdan

I’ve passed this on to the team.


Thanks for sharing this. We’ll reach out to them to see if there is a fit. We have a number of partnerships like this, and as long as they are open to more than one storage option, we’re well positioned for an opportunity like this. Thanks!


I hope they are. It would be kind of odd to initiate such an alliance but to restrict membership to one member per category.
But even if such a rule exists, as Storj DCS is an decentralized/distributed alternative maybe that makes it so unique and valuable that they would grant an exception from such a rule.

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