Support Freewallet

Since most of the storj node operator also trade on different currencies will it be good to add freewallet support?.

Frankly speaking my token is locked in Freewallet as they don’t support storj Token :frowning:

These are the token they are supporting right now.

It’s not on Storj to support Freewallet, that’s in Freewallet hands. And so is any token you send to them. If you don’t hold the keys, they’re not your tokens. You really should never use a “wallet” like that outside of maybe making a quick trade. Please keep your tokens safe in a wallet you actually have control of.


Then could you suggest any wallet using SSO (Google ) because sometimes it hard for someone to keep track of all keys.

No I can’t, because that by definition comes with the same problems. You SHOULD hold your own keys. There’s no way around that if you want to be in control of your tokens. Even if you pick one of those other services that lists STORJ now, they could delist it an you’d be out of luck. You don’t hand over the keys to your house to a random company, not should you hand over the keys to your wallets.


Okay got your points thank you :slight_smile:

Just buy a Ledger man, it’s 40€ and you’re rested!!
Ledger Live supports Storj and all eth tokens as well as a lot others.


With Argent you don’t have to worry about missing the key’s and still have control over your tokens

Argent really doesn’t make me feel any better about keeping control. You inherently rely on several third parties if you need to recover control in some way. I’d much rather keep that responsibility with myself. I mean, how hard is it really to store a seed phrase in a safe location?

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I store all my passwords in a keepass database which is synced and backed up multiple times. 1 password for every service/account. Wallets included in that db.


This is what I do too, imho it’s a sweet compromise between everyday comfort and security.