Suspended after pointing DBs to different volume

I was trying to move the databases to a new volume in order to point the the SSD cache only to that volume and something went wrong. Please note that I tested the waters first with 2 small nodes, one in the same machine with a few days and another in a different subnet with less than a month. All went fine, so, I did the same for my main node (6TB).
And I got this:

I returned to the previous configuration with the databases on the original directory and still I am suspended.

Can someone help?

Some weird things:

I’m on a synology.
When I was copying the DB files to the new volume after stoping and removing the container, the files (80 MB) were being copied extremely slow.
On the terminal the node started without any problem. But on the synology docker GUI it didn’t show up.
After I returned to the original configuration (DBs where they were born) still the node doesn’t show up on the GUI.

PS - I’m checking the logs. Lots of upload, download and delete of pieces failing…

PS2 - The suspended node pulls the version v1.63.1 while the other node in the same machine, which in the meanwhile I stoped and removed, pulls the v1.62.3

PS3 - The node is now also shown in the synology docker gui. Now I’m suspended in all but one sat (soon will be gone too…).

Ok. I got it.
When I started the node 1.5 years ago I didn’t use the line "–user $(id -u):$(id -g)", which I do now when I start any container (including the 2 new nodes).
When I restarted the node today, for the 1st time I used that line. This has led to a permissions problem. I have no idea how because I don’t really understand how permissions work in synology.
Removed the line and there are no errors anymore.

Question: when can I expect to be unsuspended?


As soon as the suspension score would be greater than 60%. It should recovering with every successful audit.

yep. It’s already over 95% for all sats.

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