Suspended node Nodo suspendido

Hello, today when I woke up and looked at my node and I get a message that my node has been suspended. What does this mean?
Does it mean that all node time is lost?
What should I do?. Thank you
How can I look at the node logs for errors?

Please, figure out what the error:

I get this. But I can’t see the mistake

Seems you did not read the guide.
Please, search for GET_AUDIT AND failed:

sls GET_AUDIT "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log" | sls failed

yes the law, but executing this command does not give me any result

Please, try the modified version:

sls GET_AUDIT "$env:ProgramFiles\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log" | sls failed

You keep having the same problem

Yesterday I had to reinstall the node since the pc shuts down and the node stopped being online and I put a little less hard disk capacity from 5.45tb to 5.40tb. Could this be the problem? Do I try to reinstall it with the original value?

No, you do not need to. Even in the first time.
To change any parameter you do not need to reinstall the storagenode:

When reinstalling, all logs disappeared. And that explains why you don’t see errors anymore.
Once your node is audited, it will exit suspend mode.

So I just have to wait to get out of sleep mode without worrying?

If you do not see errors anymore, and it successfully pass audits, then it should exit suspend mode.

Puedes entrar aquí, y aliviamos un poco el foro. :grin: