Suspension after downtime

Due to a hardware crash, my node has been down for more than 1 week.
After restarting (with no loss of data) it has been suspended by all satellites except us2.

I don’t understand what is the best course of action now.
Should I initiate a graceful exit and create a new node, or is the suspension going to be revoked after the satellites regain trust in the node?

Thanks for helping


Disqualification for downtime is not yet active, and the current expected policy would mean your node would need to be offline for over 12 days out of a rolling 30 days to be disqualified.

If you get the node online again and leave it online, the suspensions will reduce and the node will work it’s way back to normal.

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makes sense.


True. It may take several weeks before the online scores start going up again though, don’t panic if it doesn’t go up right away.

This said, do panic if some scores keep going further down ^^’

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That’s good to know: I had about 2 weeks unnoticed downtime, and my Online scores dipped below 60% (mid/high 50’s today). So all satellites show as suspended. Everything is Online now and I see bandwidth used again… but my Online scores haven’t moved in the last 48h. One of them is 58.19% so I’m hoping I can climb back over 60 and become a valued member of society again :slight_smile:

Hi @Roxor. Yes, just keep online and over time the scores should creep up.

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