Suspension, database full - CLI dashboard and GUI dashboards show different free space

I just got my first suspension emails quickly in succession for node 12aUqCwr3HgycsHYpdqjAKPj1Y1DHFqnU3ujNwJcChspbgqD2nr

After checking the forums I found that the issue was that I was failing audit downloads with a “usedserialsdb error: database or disk is full” error code.

I restarted my node with

docker restart -t 300 storagenode

and audit downloads appear to be completing now.

Before restart the last 300 log entries were all failed downloads (GET, GET_REPAIR, and GET_AUDIT) with the error code “usedserialsdb error: database or disk is full”.

I am confused at that error because my 1TB node has over 400GB of free space according to the browser based GUI dashboard:


However the CLI dashboard tells me that I have 19GB of free space:

With the suspension and dashboard discrepancies I’m wondering if my node is degrading somehow. Are these signs that I should be doing some kind of maintenance or graceful exit on my node? Any advice on how to keep from being suspended again in this way?

Thanks so much.

Hello @Juniper,
Welcome to the forum!

I would like to suggest you to check your databases for errors and fix them:

Since you’re still on node version 1.5.2, I’m guessing you’re seeing errors due to database locks on used_serials, but you didn’t provide the actual error messages.

If it is this error, it will be fixed with the next update. However, that update is currently on hold to fix another bug before rolling out further. The upside is that suspension is temporary, so your node will recover from it if it succeeds enough audits.

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