Suspension decreases during migration

I run my storj node in Synology docker.
Until now, it ran in shr raid1 with ssd cache on 2x16TB.
I broke the raid, the goal is to put the storj on a separate ext4 on one of the hdds.
I started copying in putty using screen with rsync -aP in the background. It’s been running for 12 days now, and I’m not even halfway through.
Synology was very burdened by this and my values started to deteriorate as well.

Is there any chance I won’t get disqualified by the time the migration happens. Maybe I messed something up?


I would suggest to set the node to full during migration .match used with available for node in config maybe some gb under it eg: 10.80 tb . Maybe @Alexey can give you instructions how to for your setup.
So the synology does not have to keep up with ingress while migrating. Requires one node restart. Not synology restart imho.

Then the rsync should speed up.
Later give the node the old storage space setting back.

It should survive

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You should see some errors in the logs for GET_AUDIT. Could you please show them?