Suspension percents dropping again

Checked my nodes this morning and I’ve got many with reduced suspension scores and one that is listed as suspended on europe-north. Reading the logs there appear to be only three types of errors; those with “write: connection timed out” (I think these are normal? loss of race?) and those that are “used serial already exists in store” (suspect these are the issue). Any ideas what are going on? Since the time I noticed it this morning many have improved, but one node is still suspended (54%) on europe-north.

For customer downloads yes. For audits and repair there is no race. A download canceled on an audit or repair still decreases reputation.

Good to know, thanks. The “connection timed out” are all GET_REPAIR operations.

And on that note I just checked, all the “used serial” errors were also GET_REPAIR. Low suspension scores have moved back up with only one below 100% on each of my 3 nodes. Of the two not suspended the lowest is currently 99.13%, but on the one that is suspended on europe-north that is holding at 54.24%.

And now I’m out of suspension and at 99.95%…