Suspension shows as 99.92 % not sure why?


Recently I was checking my node dashboard, and I noticed that for one satellite ( my suspension is showing as 99.92%. I haven’t received any emails about suspension, and all other nodes are showing fine. So I’m not sure what to do.

I tried running:

docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep -E “GET_AUDIT|GET_REPAIR” | grep failed

it ran for awhile, but then nothing was returned. My node has currently been online for 89h 30m.

Is there anything else I can check to figure out why I have this bit of suspension? Is it anything I need to worry about?

It should return to 100% shortly, it is probably just a network blip of some kind. Your ISP may have been doing maintenance. If for some reason after a couple days it does not go away or you see it go lower, reach back out here and we’ll help you out. But it’s normal to see this kind of blip every so often.

Ok, good to hear. In the last few days, Comcast has been doing work and so I had some unexpected downtimes.

I’ll keep an eye and see if it goes away.

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If you received email about suspension - it should also contain an information for what.
I guess you mean not an online score, but suspension score. In the last case it should recover, if you fixed an underplayed issue:

It’s not related to downtime, it is related to failed audits during GET_AUDIT and/or GET_REPAIR.
Please check your logs and fix an issue.

As I mentioned, I did not receive any email. I just double checked my spam folder and found nothing.

Also, I said I checked the logs, and there was. I thing present. I ran the docker command with the grep, but nothing was returned. To be safe, I reran the statement without the last grep failed to check there was something in the logs, and I got a lot of hits. Just nothing with failed.

What else can I check?

Also, but FYI my suspension score is now 99.96 %. So it does seem to be improving back up. Will it resolve on its own?

if you did not redirect logs to the file, docker will keep logs since the last docker run command.

yes, it will. As soon as your node started to pass audits, it will improve with each successful audit.