Swift bindings Compatible with iOS

Hi there,

Are the Swift binding and C library tested for iOS? I see tests are done on MacOS, but no mention of iOS in the repo

Hi @awcchungster - I do not believe they were tested in an iOS build - just with xcode. If you find any issues using with iOS please feel free to submit a PR.

I tried importing the Stork Swift bindings into an Xcode project and I’m getting stuck on the set up instructions. I think there’s something missing in the documentation.

Could someone on the Storj team please take a look?

Hi I’ve tested the Swift bindings for Linux. It is hard for us to help you because most of the developers at Storj don’t have a Mac so can’t install Xcode.

I will try something it but I’m not giving it a high chance of success.

I got through some of the initial issues. I’m now stuck on compiling the Go SDK to work with iOS devices.

It actually seems that someone else has figured this out based on this stackoverflow comments:

After doing some heavy research and testing myself, I’ve found that the Storj bindings are not compatible with iOS and likely not compatible with M1 Macs either. Community managers, please see this ticket here.

Hi @awcchungster ,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
I will make sure this gets in front of the team.

We continue the conversation at Not compatible with ARM64 (iOS, M1) chips · Issue #7 · storj/uplink-c · GitHub