Symlink / Mount the DB?

Is ist a good idear to copy the DB to a ssd and make a symlink (Debian) to it?

The DB and data are now on a Single local hdd.

Or is it better to Mount the DB in the docker Command (-v / - -Mount)

Or just let it on the hdd?

At the moment I believe there are some individual that have mounted the DB to a faster drive(SSD, NVMe) using the docker mount command. Others are using some form of caching system however this is not yet a supported config. Mounting of database files to faster storage is a planned feature for the future. There is a github issue if you want to keep up to date.

Forum discussion:

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Thanks for the links

The mounting tricks are indeed not supported and risky. But I don’t see an issue with having SSD Cache accelerated storage. That should work perfectly fine independent of what you run on top of it.

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