Sync problem between the phone and the desktop

Hi @jason-warner and others!
I also use obsidian with storj to sync my vaults between my phone and laptop and I think it’s a pretty cool system. but I encounter synchronization conflicts: although I put a biodirectional synchronization direction in the Remotly save parameters on my 2 devices (besides all the RS parameters are the same on both), when I modify files on my phone, the modifications synchronize well with my laptop, but conversely it does not work (the modifications made on the laptop do not appear on my phone). If you can help me, I will be grateful. maybe I would even have the opportunity to help you in turn #noob level ahah
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Hello @Maxou,
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What do you use to sync changes and how is it related to Storj?
I guess Obsidian Sync?

I didn’t find much, how you connected it to Storj, so please explain more deeply.

P.S. How the sync works relates only to your sync software (i.e. obsidian), not to the storage (i.e. Storj).

You may consider to use rclone (and their rclone sync and rclone bisync, but please read caveats) and configure S3Drive using rclone profiles (please do not use their S3 profile, it’s buggy), it can sync your changes, bi-directional included. Some features are paid only.

Hello @Alexey ,
Thank you for your reply!

I use the Remotly save module to synchronize between my two devices, making sure to put the same settings on the same module for each of them so that nothing is blocked on this point. the sync worked fine for a few days, but now it no longer works: the Storj bucket where my Obsidian data is stored does not support version history (“version history is not saved for all files”). maybe I made a mistake configuring this bucket; If so, I don’t know if it’s possible to change this or how.

here is the detail of the synchronization conflict:
the files hosted on Obsidian on my computer take into account my modifications in real time, I can delete them, move them, etc. no problem
the ones on my phone also take those changes as well as old files that have been synced for a while (not all old files appear from the day I created my first Obsidian file, unlike my Storj bucket where all old files appear in addition to the new ones)

since Storj seems to save all of my files since the first day I created the Obsidian vault with which it is connected with remotly save, is this rather a backup solution therefore, or a synchronization solution which can connect all my devices? in the first case, yes it does the job very well despite the fact that all the files accumulate as they are modified, which makes everything very messy. in the second case, then I have a BIG CONCERN ha!
*ps note that storj is not available as an application on my phone, which makes everything even more complicated if I want to have quick access to it on this one
what do you think about it?

before Storj I used Dropbox and Dropsync (on my phone) but I preferred to opt for storj because the costs are lower and the operation seems more secure to me; I put it as a priority because I cannot under any circumstances lose the hundreds of notes that there are on Obsidian.

that said I don’t at all want to spend my time remedying these synchronization problems that I have between obsidian and storj, while I have had none with the dropbox service, let’s say that I have other fish to fry. I need the simplest system possible, with as few complications as possible (I’m not familiar with blockchain, decentralization etc. at all and I don’t want to be even if it’s interesting from the outside)

Does this respond to your comments?

You can enable versioning (it’s disabled by default): Object Versioning in Storj - Storj Docs

I believe, that the sync problem is on obsidian side. You may use rclone bisync and it works. Of course there could be problems too when there is a sync conflict, and they can be solved too. The sync is not the Storj’s job, we offer a distributed encrypted S3-compatible cloud storage, not sync.
It’s up on you what you would use to backup/sync your data.