Synchronize data among multiple satellite nodes

Can I deploy two SATELLITE nodes and synchronize their data through database synchronization? Will it be possible to log in to different SATELLITE nodes with the same account and see consistent data?

You can deploy several satellites, each will be independent of each other and from the current Storj DCS network.

The sync between satellites is not implemented yet in any form, unless you will backup a database on the first one and restore it on the second, however, since they both will have a different identities, this likely will not work too, the second satellite likely cannot use the database having a different identity, and you cannot run two satellites with the same identity - you cannot have clones in the Storj network. However, you may scale the one satellite across multiple locations, but the cross-region compute and database should be implemented externally (using Cockroach DB distributed cluster for the database, some orchestrator like Kubernetes or Nomad for the distributed compute and BGP routers to distribute an access).

However, we can help better if you describe the problem which you want to solve.

Hi @Alexey,thanks for your reply.
Yes,I want to scale the one satellite across multiple locations, Does Storj now support Cockroach DB? Are there any related deployment documents available?

Hi @hsn! Yes, the default arrangement for any given single “satellite” is for its nodes to be spread across multiple regions. is a single satellite but has app servers and cockroach nodes in three separate data centers in the US. similarly has app servers and cockroach nodes in three separate data centers in Europe. Production satellites all use Cockroach DB.

If it’s helpful, here is a diagram of how a satellite is set up:


@jtolio @Alexey ,I want to build my own test network (not just Test network · storj/storj Wiki · GitHub), use Cockroach DB to run my own storj satellite node, and use my own storage node, Is there any reference documentation?

This will be a separate network, disconnected from Storj DCS, you will need more than only one storagenode.
So, the mentioned test network is a good start to understand how to configure and setup all services, you can later use it as a reference to build your own Community satellite.
You may also take a look on

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@Alexey @jtolio , Thank you very much for your help.

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