Synology 918+ and StorageNode

I test SN on Synology 918+, the docker stops responding twice for 10 days - it is not responding, among others on sudo docker logs storagenode --tail 200, even on sudo docker stop -t 300 storagenode …, even via Synology GUI, the only way is to completely disable and enable Synology …

does Synology require some other docker?

I’ve been running fine on Synology for a long time now, with the docker from package center. Haven’t had any issues. Do you see other high resource use prior to it freezing up? Especially RAM usage. I know Synology systems can start behaving really badly when they run out of RAM. I’ve had my old Synology system completely lock up like you describe several times when running out of RAM.

I also have the same NAS and run docker with no issues. Note that I don’t have the latest version but the version prior to the latest. I did hear that the latest docker version had issues so I never updated it.

Three days after restart (container storagenode):


is it a lot?

Is it possible to install an older package somehow?

Now (an hour later):


Unfortunately the docker RAM display on Synology is not reliable. But you should be looking at total RAM use anyway. How much RAM does your NAS have?

If you do want to know RAM usage of the storagenode process, open the container details and look at the processes tab.

processes tab 36.1 MB