Synology blob file permissions inconsistencies causing rsync issues

I’ve been trying to migrate files to a new system using rsync and have been running into permissions issues on certain files and directories . After some investigation I’ve found they are not all the same as you can see below and it is the ones in white causing the problem. These are on a Synology NAS and started out almost 5 years ago on a Windows system. I’ve been playing around with “chown” seeing what works and have found that if I change the owner from root to my own admin account “cliff” I can transfer with no issues. I’ve changed the ownership back to “root” and they again won’t transfer. Doesn’t matter what account I use to start the rsync either. They always have the same problem of not getting transferred.

Should I just use “chown” and change the ownership to my personal account?

I believe you need only to change permissions to allow all operations from anyone.
Or do resync after sudo su.

Not sure why I’ve been so worried about the owner when it’s the files permission causing the issue. Oddly enough, using sudo su has no affect on the problem. It appears to be the destination box that’s sending the error back.

Then perhaps you need to check the permissions there. Is it possible, that it tries to change permissions to the same user as in source, but it didn’t exist in the destination?

I read about this possibility and backed up the config on the source NAS and restored the users to the destination NAS and it didn’t fix the problem. Yesterday I didn’t have time to change just the permissions instead of the owner as a test but I was going to do that today. If I use the shared directory sync from Synology it copies the files rsync command would not. Unfortunately there is no logging using their sync tool so I can’t see what’s going on there. So I checked to see what flags were used by the GUI and was going to play around with those as well. It appears Synology has added some custom flags one being “–syno-pseudo-root” that may be the key here. First thing I’m going to check is the permissions and if that fixes the problem I’m going to do that since they are such a mess.

Perhaps you need to use either rsync or rclone:

Since the destination is not the local disk, then you need either a locally mounted share from the destination, or use ssh as a transport protocol (or a rsync’s one in case of rsync).