Synology DSM updates that work with Storj

I will post here every DSM and CM update that I install and check for working with storagenodes.
I run DS216+ 1GB and DS220+ 18GB, 1 or 2 drives, ext4 FS, no RAID, no SSD cache.


  • DSM 7.2-64570 Update 1: GOOD.
  • Container Manager 20.10.23-1413: GOOD.
    Docker is auto-replaced with Container Manager, by Docker Inc.
    No SN stop needed for update.

Storagenode runs in a container, to isolate it from the host. Are you suspecting Synology will break docker in one of the updates?

I hope not, but BS told me in an older post that a Docker update, if I recall corectly, crashed some nodes…
I hope all works well with every update, but just to assure everyone, who is hesitant with new updates, that all is fine (or not :grimacing:), I will try to keep this post up-to-date. I set autoupdate on for DSM and packages, with no notifications, so maybe I will miss some; but I’ll try to check from time to time the installed versions.


It definitely broke things once before. Though it’s a long time ago now and I don’t remember the exact details. But I had been holding off on DSM 7.2 for this reason as I knew they were making some significant changes to docker. So I appreciate your post!