Synology expand unit


I have synology DS918+ with esata expansion port.
I have full disk positions and I find this on ebay - esata hub

Maybe this is the similar but more expensive :smiley: ? ?
I have power for HDD and sata to esata cabel.

I googled synology specs but not find this information:
This extension card must support the PM (SATA PORT MULTIPLIER) function of the motherboard or the extension card to recognize 5 hard disks.

Is there any synology expert ? Will it work with 5 disks ?


Iโ€™ve not personally expanded a Synology unit but have known lots of people who did. Basically you need to use the expansion chassis and donโ€™t expand the volume, create a second one on the chassis drives.

Yes, I will create new volumes in expansion chassis. (1HDD in ext chassis = 1 volume, no raid)

The question is - Will it work with 5 disk