Synology node setup

Didn’t find any suitable explanation on synology node setup.
So I will appreciate any walk through .

PS: port forward is set up

Hello, please take a look at our documentation on Synology

hello Dylan for some reason the your link when i click on could not be found.

Development on the Synology app has been paused while working out things for the QNap app. Once that has stabilized the Synology app will be picked up again. In the mean time you can use the docker method on synology just fine. Just install docker from package center, enable SSH, connect over SSH to your synology and follow the CLI instructions.


thank you, but:

Page not foundSorry, but the page you were looking for could not be found.

Psst, look at the post right above yours.

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looks like mine synology does not support docker, and the native app is not available at the time…
any other ways to run in there?

The Synology app unfortunately also relies on docker, so that wouldn’t help you out anyway.

There isn’t really an officially supported way to run on Synology without docker. You could SSH into the NAS and build from source manually there. You’d be kind of on your own to figure out how to do that and to update etc. You could also create an ISCSi LUN on the NAS and run the node from another system with ISCSi as storage location. Don’t use any other network protocols (SMB/NFS) though as they are not supported by SQLite.

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