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I am using a Synology DS916+, have successfully set up the docker container, identity etc., however I cannot get the docker container to be visible from the www. I have port forwarded my Storj Port in the router, using the NAS ip address, however, the port does not show as open on the port forward checker (i.e.

Is there a setting I am missing in the setup for Synology specific to port forwarding? Experienced users, please help me out!

I have used the --net=host function in the command line, and can see the container operating on the host network, but still the dashboard shows OFFLINE.

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You should use a --net=bridge or do not specify this parameter at all. Please check the existing of -p 28967:28967 option in your docker run command.
Also, make sure that your WAN IP on the router is the same as on yougetsignal, otherwise the port forwarding will not work.
Also, make sure that your ADDRESS option either contains the same public IP with port or DDNS hostname with port.
Also, if you have any firewall enabled, make an incoming rule to allow any traffic to the 28967 TCP port and your NAS as a destination. If you have any restriction outgoing rule on your firewall, then add an outgoing rule to allow any traffic from your NAS as a source and any host with any port as a destination.

Thanks for your support Alexey - as I am running two nodes, this one uses port 28968 - specified in the -p and address parameters.

When I run the docker container I can see that port 28968 is open on yougetsignal, however the storj dashboard says OFFLINE

Am I missing something simple?

I am using a unique authorisation token but the same ether address.

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If you run two nodes, then only left part of the port mapping should be changed. In your case it should be -p 28968:28967, the ADDRESS option should contain your public IP address or DDNS hostname with the 28968 port

Also, please, copy the output of the command:

docker exec -it storagenode2 grep -c BEGIN /app/identity/ca.cert
docker exec -it storagenode2 grep -c BEGIN /app/identity/identity.cert

Thank you Alexey - this works perfectly!

The commands respond 2 and 3 respectively

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