Synology setup and recommendations

Hello @BrightSilence,

How is your config (did you already shared this somewhere on this forum?) now.
I started with some leftover systems (2) 1x 600GB and 1x 1TB and I now want to install a third one.
But I’m curious if you implemented right on the NAS itself or did you mapped the storage to some other device?
I have a QNAP NAS, but think it’s too old already to run Storj on there directly… soo looking into alternatives…
Thanks in advance for answering…!

Regards JB

It’s a Synology DS3617xs. And yes I run the node on the NAS itself. It’s really not recommended to do it remotely as that adds quite a bit of latency to reads and writes. I have a single Synology Hybrid RAID array with mixed HDD’s. Different models and sizes. For performance I use an SSD read/write cache in RAID1. The array is shared with other stuff. Most of that already existed prior to me starting my node. I just added 2 HDD’s since then. I would likely have added one for personal use anyway, so it’s reasonable to say I bought 1 of them for Storj specifically.

Ive been in the market for a NAS but the good ones are so expensive, But I seen alot of issues with synology with there power supplys, Kinda turned me away from them, How long have you had this NAS?

Yeah this one isn’t cheap. I used to have a DS2415+ which unfortunately died on me. Luckily it was during the warranty period and the store gave me a full refund. That’s when I bought the DS3617xs, close to 2 years ago now. It was still a lot more expensive, but with more than half the cost covered by the refund I figured, what the hell. Honestly the newer DS2419+ probably gets you most of the way there, but that didn’t exist yet at the time. And I still don’t like that it only has 4GB.

Please be aware, the DS3617xs doesn’t natively support Synology Hybrid RAID. It supports it if you migrate an existing array from another synology device though (which is what I did). And there is a way to enable it through config file edits. But most users who plan to use that are almost certainly better of with the cheaper DS2419+. Just buy some extra RAM if you need it. It’d still be cheaper than the DS3617xs, which is now getting kind of old as well.

Just the DS3617xs Looks more appealing cause its running a Xeon DS2419+ is running An Atom cpu, I might look into building my own not really sure but ive really been itching to buy a Nas cause its already designed to be a NAS… Just the DS3617x Costs more then if I just built one myself.

If it’s the software you like, you might be interested in
You could build your own and still take advantage of the Synology DSM software. But yeah, I’m a fan of the whole package. With hot swappable bays and stuff.
There are some cases out there specifically for this kind of stuff.
But it’s easier if you have a rack to just get a server case for that. I don’t, so that’s another reason why I went with the desktop model.

We should probably split this conversation off in a different topic though. @Alexey could you move these to a separate topic?

Thanks I didnt know that existed I will check it out. Was testing Freenas But I dont like the software so much…
Also yeah we did go off topic we need a channel just for hardware talk.