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Hi All,

I’ve decided to free up a PC and put my node on a Synology unit. I’ve got docker working fine and can use the CLI dash OK. However, I would really like to use the web dash but the Synology refuses the connection. I’ve even made a tunnel to the box via SSH and redirected the ports that way and can’t make the connection. I’ve never had a problem with my Linux boxes but I’m beating my head against the wall. It’s probably the most simple thing that I’m overlooking as usual but if anyone’s seen this before I’d appreciate the hand.

Hi BBQMan,

If you used the standard docker run command, you need to change the line

-p \


-p 14002:14002 \

This will allow you to connect to the web dash from any machine on your local network. You will need to stop, remove, and re-create the container with the new parameter.

Please make sure that the node is running:

docker ps -a storagenode

This is my docker config minus the paths

sudo docker run -d --restart unless-stopped -p 28967:28967
-p 14002:14002
-e EMAIL="
-e STORAGE=“9.0TB” \

When I check the config the ports returned are:>14002/tcp,>28967/tcp

Is this what it should be?

Trying this again rebuilt the container and now all works.

Thanks again for the help!


Glad you got it working. Based on your docker run command, it looks like you may have been following outdated documentation (the BANDWIDTH parameter has not been used in a long time). You should make sure that your parameters are following the official guide. It is especially important to pay attention to the --stop-timeout 300 parameter and the mount type (--mount, not -v).

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Thanks very much and I went and cleaned up everything for my container creation. One thing I was curious about is that there are quite a few PUT_REPAIR and GET_REPAIR items in the logs but my other nodes don’t have that. This is the only node I have running on a Synology and it’s a DS918+ so it’s got a decent CPU. I have this in a RAID1 config and was wondering what could be the reasons for the repairs. Any thoughts?

PUT_REPAIR means that your node is receiving repaired data from the network. GET_REPAIR means that the network is downloading pieces from your node to run a repair job (which will end up as a PUT_REPAIR on some other node). Both of these are completely normal messages, and are unrelated to your node health. Nodes with little data won’t see many GET_REPAIR messages as there is not much to download. I believe that nodes in the vetting stage and nodes that are under suspension do not receive repair data (seen as PUT_REPAIR).

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