System is online, but no QUIC?

So i’ve been able to get the node operating and starting to ingress/exgress. I’ve setup port forwarding for both UDP/TCP in my router and added UDP/TCP firewall exceptions for the 28967 port. At first I didn’t have the port forwarding correct, but once I fixed it the node came online. How can i Enable QUIC? Do I need to restart my machine? How much of an impact is there if I don’t have QUIC? I have a very strong 1gigabit connection for both up/down.

Is it safe to post logs? I don’t want to just post everything if there’s sensitive info in the logs I shouldn’t post… They show that QUIC failed…but then everything worked a few minutes later (when I corrected the port forwarding issue)…do I need to restart in order to re-enable QUIC?

Found another post…since I’m using the GUI version a restart fixed the issue once port forwarding was corrected.