Take a survey, get $50 on us

“…and we’ve selected you as a candidate”. This makes you feel “special” :slight_smile:

But… as i’m running many nodes with all different e-mails, looks like at the Storj “we’ve selected you”=select all :smiley:

Is there anyone who did not received this e-mail? :smiley:

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That’s typical marketing wording :slight_smile: don’t take it too personally.

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I just fill forms and don’t care about winning anything.

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That email made me very suspicious, I had to check the headers to see if it really came from Storj (it did) and I almost posted a topic here to confirm.
Main reason - the promise of maybe getting gift cards and not STORJ tokens :slight_smile:


The change of getting a gif card is quite slim as they only have 8…

The survey was really strange as they asked about what brands I use, totally no relevant. Also I can’t select that I have 0 free computers.

The survey has nothing about in how to improve Storj - It’s all about selling your data for marketing. No not me

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Pretty sure it’s about getting to know better what kind of hardware SNOs would like to use.


@direktorn you right! I’ve seen only e-mail did not opened the link until read your post.
Questions are more then strange. There is no way they can improve Storj functionality knowing brands, knowing does the SNO uses Uber or what is SNO’s point of view about environment.

It would be very interesting to see comments from the Storj team, about these strange questions in the survey.

In that case they would not ask do i use Uber or how do i dispose eWaste :slight_smile:

Does Storj attract gig-economy workers?
Does Storj prevent ewaste and attract people who are conscious of the ewaste problem?

All these questions give relevant information to get to know the SNO user base better. It doesn’t take too much creativity to figure out why they are being asked.


hi there, the survey was put together by marketing. I thnk they are just trying to find out which of the various aspects of Storj/Tardigrade appeal to people.
Here’s one reason for that. From inside the company it is very easy for us to talk to each other about “ZOMG people are gonna <3 this thing” because thats what WE happen to <3
We want to make sure that we arent pinning our own assumptions onto folks IRL, and so we try to reach ou and have conversations, run surveys, do user research testing etc.

Does that make sense? I know that we have an international audience here, but in English there is a saying about “being unable to see the forest for the trees” .

So, even though we’re working so hard to get the product out, we are also trying to make sure that we are listening to our users at the same time.


Regarding e-waste this is a great example. When I was traveling in 2019 (giving talks and running conference event booths + meetups) I visited cities in US, Japan, Australia, England, and France. It was really valuable to just talk with people I met and hear their questions.

Here’s an example: In Australia, one question that came up a LOT was around energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and how our system could negatively or positively affect natural resources. I can say that in the US this rarely came up, if ever. And if it did, it was in reference to dollars and cents However in Australia, over 9 out of 10 times people asked about it.

(now, Let’s Not Get Into what that says about my country – Im just the messenger here lol. And this isnt a place to discuss international policy. But I hope it shows how by listening to different voices we can incorporate multiple perspectives )

So, in the small example above…it could be that looking at eWaste and recycling habits might lead to productive conversations and be something we consider internally as we make decisions. And their questions were around very different angles. for example, how does the replication account for electricity being used, and had factored in energy efficiency when deciding on expansion.

But that is just an example of how we can find things we are doing anyway and explain them in a way that helps people understand if Storj is aligned with what theyd like to do. I


We love it when everyone feels special :wink:
To prove it, here is a Tardigrade of your very own! to cherish forever! (because that’s almost how long they live)


Mine says: “This survey is currently closed. Thank you to all the Storage Node Operators who shared their responses.”

Fail. Guess I’m definitely not getting the $50.

@Jocelyn, thank you for your messages. It’s very nice that people in Australia so worried about these things :slight_smile:
Is it possible to see what survey showed for you? Somehow i believe that most of the SNO’s did not spend hundreds and thousands for the new equipment. Most of my nodes are build from e-waste :smiley:

Also what could you tell about energy efficiency, eco-friendliness of this project? I believe it is better then data centres. Or isn’t it ?

Something was promised then …

I am asking for information who got the 50 dollars ?

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