Tardigrade and Cold storage as a service

So, I was thinking on tapes as a storage medium and remembered that Amazon Glacier exists (Amazon’s cold storage solution).

While Tardigrade currently don’t have a similar service it overlaps the idea of decentralised storage. The storage nodes logic would have to change and probably would need to have a different logic on audits and costs. While the current solution direct the income on traffic rather than the amount of storage, in a cold storage scenario the integrity of data is more important than the speed of retrieval.

This kind of service cold make sense in a resilient backup scenario, where clients would pay to left its data stored and untouched in the tardigrade network for years.

I believe that tardigrade still has room for improvements in the current service but this could be a possible next step.

I don’t think so. Cold storage would not be profitable for nodes. And you’d still need lots of audits to verify that the nodes don’t just throw their data away so it’s not “cold” on their side either.

For now the question is probably irrelevant anyways because before thinking about expanding into a different sector, you’d need to be successful in your primary sector. And storjlabs isn’t yet successful in that area because there’s still not enough customer data.


Just out of interest: What makes you think so?

customer data ratio to test data… as long as storjlabs is paying snos more than they are earning, they are not yet succesful.