Tardigrade - Can't add Credit Card

I tried adding my credit card to my tardigrade account. When I hit “Add card” nothing happens. Firefox and Chrome both don’t work and disabling pi-hole doesn’t work either.

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Hello @kevink!

Can you try the following:

  1. Login to account, go to Billing page
  2. Right mouse button click and choose ‘Inspect’
    or for Chrome/Firefox press ‘F12’
  3. Go to ‘Network’ tab
  4. Fill card field with valid data and click ‘Add Card’ button
  5. In Network tab find ‘tokens’ and click on it
  6. For ‘tokens’ go to ‘Response’ tab and copy information from there and post the response here

Also, please indicate what Satellite you are trying to activate your account on.

I have a clarification for step 5 in the list from Dylan’s post above:

In the Network tab, find tokens (and cards - if this option exists) and click on it.

I hope that helps.

Thanks, that seems to help.
Sattelite is europe-west-1
Respone is:
{“JSON”:{“error”:{“code”:“testmode_charges_only”,“doc_url”:“https://stripe.com/docs/error-codes/testmode-charges-only",“message”:"Your account cannot currently make live charges. If you are the site owner, please activate your account at https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/details to remove this limitation. If you are a customer trying to make a purchase, please contact the owner of this site. Your transaction has not been processed.”,“type”:“invalid_request_error”}}}

Our stripe credit card integration currently has not been activated on any satellites besides US-Central-1, so the dev recommends you switch for now to do your testing on that satellite. In your invite email there is a link you can click on to sign up for that satellite. I believe we will have the other satellites available for adding credit cards when we go to production at the latest. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Hmm that is indeed quite an inconvenience.
Thanks for the answer.

We will try to get the other satellites added asap, unfortunately we have to wait for the team member that deals with these billing issues to come back from the holiday break.

Of course, they deserve their holidays too.
I will wait for that if it is only going to take a couple days up to 1-2 weeks.

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FYI, I was in the same situation as you when I tried to add a credit card for Europe satellite.
It’s working now, I just added my credit card today :slight_smile:


If you have not done so already, you should be able to add a credit card now to the Europe-West-1 satellite account.

thank you. I haven’t done it yet but started testing the uplink/tardigrade network

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