Tardigrade collaboration features

I have just thought about features that might be helpful to target the film industry and was wondering if these may already exist?

  1. Is it possible to move or copy data between own buckets or buckets of a 3rd party?
    Imagine you have large data on Tardigrade available and you want to move or copy it to another bucket or even another Tardigrade user. Instead of downloading and re-uploading it would be convenient to just move or copy it between buckets.

  2. Is it possible for guests to upload to a bucket without having to reveal access data? So basically the opposite of the download linkshare?
    Think of a movie festival and instead of having the movies delivered via HDD from all over the world, the festival creates a bucket on Tardigrade where all the movies can be uploaded or transferred to (no.1). So it is basically the question if a Tardigrade user can give upload access to his buckets without creating users and revealing all the secrets to encryption.

Hello Jammerdan,

  1. Right now this is not possible. It is only possible to invite users to your Tardigrade project, but keep in mind this will happen with admin rights for this project. Or you could create access grants with readonly rights to buckets, paths or files for sharing them.

  2. You could create an access grant with a write-only right.
    ./uplink share --writeonly implies disallow_reads and disallow_lists