Tardigrade forum?

Now that the Tardigrade invites have been sent out, will Tardigrade users get a discussion forum of their own? Or at least a section inside this forum like the Storage Node Operators have? Currently Tardigrade questions and comments seem to be going inside the engineering section, probably for lack of a better category.

Hi there we didnt have a lot of activity in the past in beta so engineering and tardigrade have been lumped together as a result. I’m totally open to doing what works best for folks. I had figured that I’ll keep an eye on the activity, and at some point when it makes sense , will likely split them out.


Question, how do people think the tardigrade section would or should differ from the engineer section? What are the typical conversations you’d want to have there? and what in the Engi eering section would you Not want to see? This can help me plan for the future. Thanks

The main difference would mostly just be the name. It would be easier for a new Tardigrade user to find, especially if they don’t consider themselves to be an engineer. It would focus on use of the Tardigrade software and maybe the Tardigrade website. The engineers can talk about engineering in the Engineer Discussions. The conversations that take place inside the Tardigrade section would be similar to what’s already in the engineer section since that’s where the Tardigrade conversations presently occur. You could make the new section just like the Storage Node Operators forum category except call it Tardigrade or Tardigrade users. The Tardigrade section could have topics of getting started, faq, troubleshooting, just like the sno section. Perhaps leave the subcategories of storjlings, design draft, and performance in the engineer section where they currently are. Maybe pin your getting started post to the top of the new section (New to Tardigrade? Start here) Btw, I don’t think your getting started post is currently pinned to the top of the engineering section, but it seems like it should be if that’s the only Tardigrade area for now. It’s down around page two on my screen.

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