Tardigrade gateway Docker

I just got an invite an I’m happy about that.

I played a little bit with the https://github.com/storj/storj/releases/latest/download/gateway_windows_amd64.exe.zip

I would prefer to run the gateway in docker and found

But I didn’t find any documentation on how to configure it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, welcome to the forum. Try going through the documentation:


Sounds like you want a CLI install. :smiley:

Well, yes there is a documentation on how to run a node. I do run this and it works fine.

Where I’m stuggeling is, to use the above docker image for “gateway”. I would like to run the “gateway” use Tardigrade as S3 storage but I do not want to run it in Windows but in Docker. I do not find anything about this in the documentation.

There is nothing in the tartigade docs ether?


I found this image as well and played around with it a few days back. First thing to know is don’t use the :latest tag. It won’t work. Use a recently added tag. I used the following command to start it.

docker run -it -p 7777:7777 --name gateway storjlabs/gateway:2c0e7667-v0.29.4-go1.13.5-amd64

The docker image is kind of neat as it automatically runs setup at first start. Just follow instructions to choose a satellite and enter API key and encryption pass phrase and the AWS access key and secret key will be displayed. It would be nice if there were a :beta tag or something similar to always get the latest release image though. But this’ll do for now.

After setup is done you can detach from the container (ctrl+pq). Stopping and starting the gateway is as simple as.

docker stop gateway
docker start gateway

Worked fine. Thank you very much.

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Thank you @BrightSilence ! It would still be useful to get documentation of this docker container from storj officially…

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