Tardigrade GUI for Linux and Windows

Is there any project for a Tardigrade GUI for Linux and Windows.
I know about FileZilla but is just for the Pro version.
I would like to know if there is any project running in the moment that I can use even if it is just for testing.

This is incorrect FileZilla works with normal version you don’t need the pro to use.

I downloaded in Windows and Linux yesterday and there is no Tardigrade protocol on it.
Do I need any special procedure to allow tardigrade option?

its right there when you create a new site

I installed from the link and Worked on Windows, I will check to at Linux.

I have a partially working Windows-Drive here, that brings a Storj/Tardigrade-Bucket as a Windows-Drive to you. But that is not finalised yet and in no way official. I need some features of the next release for the app to become really usable. @AngelPortal


Are you doing by yourself?

Partially - I’m helping storj on the .Net-Side with the uplink.NET-wrapper and the “Tardigrade-Drive”-App came out of that relationship. But it is not quite ready yet - you can’t rename files without them getting uploaded again and it downloads contents very often (to generate Thumbnails and such) which might get quite expensive. It is more like a proof-of-concept and needs the additional adjustments to Storj that are currently in the pipeline (like Multi-part-upload).

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Sounds very interesting. Can I draw your attention to this thread?
There was a bit of a feature brainstorming: How does overwriting work?

And you mentioned a “T-Drive” (that’s how I would call it), maybe it is an idea of implementing something like that.

Yeah, I saw that discussion. But at this point I thought it was related to FileZilla.
Technically my implementation of the “T-Drive” (I may keep that :slight_smile: ) might handle this in some way. BUT: I try to see a “normal” bucket as a Drive to be compatible with other apps. Such a feature would only be possible by building a “wrapper” in between the filename the user has and the filename the system sees. So e.g. I would have file.txt.v1 and file.txt.v2 on storj whereas the user of the “T-Drive” only sees file.txt.

You are welcome!

Yes I guess so. But I believe such stuff like versioning or undo is kind of state of the art. Maybe not exactly from overwrites, but from accidental deletion. And I believe Onedrive has a recycle bin so that actual deletions will go there first and final deletion is after 30 days or so.