Tardigrade.io and Storj.io UI localization

Hi there, do we have a localization platform for Tardigrade and Storj web UI? I would like to participate if any.

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What do you mean by “localization platform”?

If you are talking about an application to see actual distribution of a given object, you should be interested in this article.

I mean localizing (ie. translating) the website user interface such as Tardigrade dashboard into other languages from English, involving Weblate or Transifex, etc.

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The project used to use transifex back in the day specially for translating the documentation (manuals, whitepaper and alike) but no idea what was the destiny of it. I think that nowadays we just go with english for simplicity and if local help is needed we just check on the forums if someone with our mother tongue is able to help.


Most users are using Chrome which auto translates to native language. I do not think translating anything particular is needed but I maybe wrong.

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Would you mind sharing the URL of the project if it still exists out there?