Tardigrade is Speeding Up Sync Times for GETH

Using Tardigrade and the Decentralized Cloud to Speed Up Sync Times for GETH

We set out to accomplish two goals:

  1. Speed up the blockchain synchronization time for Ethereum Classic developers looking to quickly download the ETC blockchain to their local Nodes
  2. Increase the resiliency, integrity, and distribution of ancient store block data by distributing it across an incentivized network of uncorrelated endpoints

This is exciting news and would love to see this on the main ETH chain, rather than the side fork network.


We will get there too :smiley: good job keep the good work going !

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Who pays for storage and egress in this case? People who use the blockchain cache?


Purely speculation, but could this be what Stefan-Benten satellite’s new project/focus is?

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