Tardigrade price comparison sanity check

Hi, I have a NAS at home thats backed up to idrive - its 30000 files and 1.1TB total - idrive charges $70 annually for 2TB (Although at the moment they seem to be flogging it for $52) - all good there.

I thought I’d maybe put it on Tardigrade instead…

Based on my numbers its quite a bit more expensive…

Storage ($0.010 per Gigabyte-Month) = 11 (.01 x 1100)

Egress ($0.045 per GB) = 0

Objects (0.0000022 per Object-Month) = .06. (30000 x.0000022)

So for one year thats $132.72

Is that right? :thinking:

Yes, that is correct.

Pick 2: Fast, cheap, good. Tardigrade is not trying to compete with non-object storage backup companies that drastically oversubscribe their service. The comparison would be if you are using AWS S3 or GCP Storage.


Backblaze B2 object storage is what I use for backups:
0.005$/GB/month with 1GB download per month free. For my backups I haven’t gone over 1GB of downloads yet (using duplicati which downloads some pieces for verification).

But for 2TB you find lots of better offers for backup space.
My amount is just so small (<500GB) that you dont find cheaper offers.

Here is Amazon S3’s pricing per month.

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Or scaleway with only €2/monthly per 1tb cold storage. And cloud VM instance €0.006/hour for free data download :wink:

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