Tardigrade promotional credits still valid?

I added my credit card to tardigrade a while ago and the promotional credits are supposed to be valid 2 billing periods.
So according to my dashboard I got the 55$ on January 30th with the description: “Promotional credits (limited time - 2 billing periods)”
So my “Earned Credits” currently show USD $56.95 (because I added some STORJ too and didn’t use much).

As I understand it, the promotional credit should be gone now, because 2 billing periods were February and March. We now have April, so if I start storing and downloading data now, I would have to pay for it. Is that correct?

I don’t want to start doing backup tests expecting it to be covered by my promotional credits that are still being shown as available, only to end up having to pay for it myself.

Just wondering is 1st to last day of month = 1 billing period. If its 2 billing period then wouldn’t January count as 1st billing period ?

Correct. I don’t think the webUI is aware of that and might display the old coupon for up to 2 additional billing periods even if the coupon expired.

It is one full month which translates into 2 billing cycles.


Well that’s annoying… Another bug that could lead to people having to pay for something that looks to be covered. Glad that I asked first…
Thanks for the confirmation!
(Also sad that I am unable to use my coupon… but the conditions were clear from the start so can’t complain too much about that…)