[Tardigrade S3 gateway] How to setup gateway in a script ? (non-interactive)

I want to scripts things using tardigrade gateway but there is no documentation about scripting using the gateway.
I saw an option --non-interactive but I don’t know the options to set API key, satellite or password.

Any ideas ?

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Hi nathPay,

The --non-interactive flag was added this week because of the same need to script the gateway setup process. We haven’t had a chance to update documentation on how to use it, but the commit has some useful examples in it which I copied here:

  • gateway setup --non-interactive --access your_access
  • gateway setup --non-interactive --satellite sat-address --api-key api-key --passphrase your-pass
  • STORJ_PASSPHRASE=your-pass gateway setup --non-interactive --satellite sat-address --api-key api-key



Hi Caleb,
Thanks a lot for the answer.

But it does not seems to work :confused:
Error: unknown flag: --satellite

I use the version 1.0.4 that include the commit you talk about…

Sorry @nathPay I had the flag incorrect. Use --satellite-address instead. This and other flags can be found under the advanced flags help: gateway setup --advanced --help.