Tardigrade traffic low?

12000 invites on the Tardigrade waitlist… if 50% have been invited and 50% of those are testing that means 3000 testers on how many nodes I do not know.

How many nodes now?

Should we not see more traffic now from all the testing of the invited people?

Apparently, that burst test from earlier this month over now?

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The more SNO there is, the less traffic you will see. Also remember if 50% of the signups are in USA and your node is in Singapore, you will most likely not see any traffic at all.

You would need quite a lot of clients, in the right region, uploading the right data (large files) for you to see any traffic at all.

All developers have limit 25GB, then they have to pay for trafic. And looks like when they upload 2 GB limit charged for 6GB, for some reason, because of redundensy.

This is not true:

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i didnt mensiond money, but developers limits only. Also waiting cameron info there.