Tardigrade uplink s3 Gateway endpoint only http not https?


how can I activate SSL for the gateway due to the endpoint is and not https

Hello @jensamberg ,

you are correct, the S3 Gateway only speaks HTTP. The reason for this is, that it’s intended to run within your network and should be hidden from the outside world. If you intend to run it with HTTPS either way, the best and recommended way is a localhost proxy. This can easily be achieved with nginx.
If you need help with that, just let me know.

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@stefanbenten For the answer. For now I need it only internal in my network.

Mybee as feature request please make a Docker compose image with https.

As said above, the intention of the S3 gateway is to run it in a local environment next to the application that only speaks the S3 protocol. If you are interacting with it with client side tools, the goal should be to integrate it with the Storj protocol and/or use the uplink binary directly.

The overhead for SSL in that enclosed network just increases the overhead (CPU time mainly).

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jensamberg - you do realize that is your local machine and the traffic never leave your computer?

@selea no no this is correct the endpoint is local

Then I dont see the point using HTTPS on a local connection? :slight_smile:

This make sense when you need the endpoint for NAS and so

Then you should set up a reverseproxy

@selea Yes you are correct. I never heard reverseproxy before.