Tardigrade usage like Crypt Share

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is it just possible to use Tardigrade.io with a cli upload? I think it could be possible, in reasons of security and so on to use it similar like Crypt Share. Is somethink like this planed?

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You can use:

Also, you can use a https://alpha.transfer.sh

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Thanks for your quick reply @Alexey.
The reason for my question is, I am working in a company witch has often to transfer data from our customers to us and also reverse. The problem is, when our customer also needs to install a cli tool. Normaly this is not so easy in a bigger company.

Is there any solution at the moment where I can access a website to upload data to the Tardigrade/Stroj network to a account from our company?

Yes, you can publish an S3 Gateway with a specific access grants to allow your customers upload data to your buckets with a simple web UI.
But you should host it.

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Okay. Thanks for the information. I need to dive deeper in the S3 topic. Maybe we can integrate tardigrade in our company.

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It will looks like:

Depending, how you configured the access grants for the S3 Gateway, you can allow your customers create buckets, upload files with prefixes, download them and so forth.
You can read more there: https://documentation.tardigrade.io/api-reference/uplink-cli/share-command and there:
Self-hosted S3 Compatible Gateway - Storj DCS Docs

Also, you can build your own application with more branding: