Tardigrade WEB error

Hello there!

I remember somebody reported that the web interface reports wrong info but I can’t remember if he/she said about the buckets that are showing even if the buckets are deleted for a very long while. eg I wanted to upload a 600GB .rar that failed at about 70% and the space looks like being used. Maybe some segments are still stored even if the whole file failed. I’ve canceled some uploads and the storage space apparently is being used even after I deleted the bucket. I attached some screenshots. I mentions that i am now having 3 buckets and about 35-40GB used.


Since you’ll still pay for the time the space was used, the bucket shows for the rest of the month as far as I know. If that time was very short, the amount will be small though.

Hi Buganu. Thank you for your question. Currently we are aware about issue with zombie files and solution/fix will be created in nearest future. For now overwriting zombie files by filesystem can be temporary solution.

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Thanks, I figured out that you know bout the problem and I just wanted to signal it again.