Tardigrade with S3FS-FUSE?

As Tardigrade is suppose to be S3 compatible, do you think it will work with S3FS-FUSE ?

You can try it now: Test network + S3 Gateway and you have an s3 API available right on your PC!


I believe the uplink binary has an option to mount a bucket to storage as well. Haven’t tried it yet though, but that would skip a few layers inbetween.


So you even have a two options to compare :slight_smile:

Is the test network open or invite only? I’m on the waiting list for Tardigrade but haven’t been given access yet. Looking forward to testing it out. I had good success storing on the v2 network.

Speaking of storing on v3. Are files persistent now? i.e. no need to re-upload every 2-3 months. I’m looking for a good place to backup my media library with future plans to access it via EC2.

It’s a local test network, so no invites are needed.

If you want to use a public beta network, then you should subscribe on tardigrade.io to receive an developer’s invite.

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Yes, files are persistent now. They could be deleted only if you specified an expiration date or remove it explicitly.

You don’t need to have a EC2 to access your files, the uplink and you keys are enough.

Thanks for the info. I’m looking replace my beefy RAIDZ2 FreeNAS server, also running Plex, with a two bay Synology NAS. Sync a backup of my NAS media to Tardigrade, mount it as read-only on a scheduled EC2 instance running my Plex server. So Tardigrade will act as my off-site backup and also host my Plex media storage being transcoded if needed by the scheduled EC2.

I’m a cloud architect by day, so trying to move my stuff to the cloud as well.