Team member's access to buckets


I have a question about team members usage on the browser.

I’m new to Storj so I don’t know how it works exactly. My aim for Storj is to share video files with my video editor. I have created a bucket and uploaded a few files there.
Yesterday I added a team member who had access to my buckets and with the passphrase also to those files that I uploaded but today those buckets are not visible anymore.

Any suggestions what to do. Or should I use a different approach?
Thank you!

EDIT! I found out that the other user can access the bucket from my computer only. So it seems I need to give somekind of access for him to have access from his own laptop. How can I do that?

Hi @Ammikas
It sounds like you are both using the web ui at, or In simple terms as long as the same bucket and same passphrase are used then the visible content should be identical.

For the record it is possible to use different passphrases with the same bucket, but only those files encrypted with the passphrase entered would be visible in the browser.

Edit - I have just created a second test account, added the second account as a team member to my main test bucket, logged in on a second computer, only typed the existing passphrase to open the bucket, and all items were visible.

Thanks for you reply! The problem is that the bucket is not even visible to other members.
You mentioned that you added a team member to your “main test bucket”. I cannot see an option of adding member to a bucket, I can only add members under “users” and if I add them there, they are not seeing my buckets.

Buckets are only visible when I log in to the second account from my main PC.

What is weird is that on my PC all team members are visible under users and on the laptop only the default user is visible. The same goes with the used storage.
The same account has a different view depending on which device is used to log in. :smile:

The first step is to choose the project. By default everyone should have the ‘My First Project’ - With this project selected you can then add the team members under ‘Users’, and all team members will see all bucket names. Each team member will need to type the correct passphrase to access the bucket and see the files. You can think of it like a hierarchy:

           Bucket 1
           Bucket 2
           Team member

Thanks! This was the problem. I didn’t choose the project. All solved, thanks for your help.

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