[Tech Preview] Multinode Dashboard Binaries

Still no proper guide in Docs for Multinode Dashboard? I have to read 99 replays to understand how to set it up…

Isn’t the step by step manual in the very first post?

It’s a tech preview, not a finished product. It’s unreasonable to expect polished end user documentation. And no, you don’t have to read 99 replies, unless you want to. You also don’t have to run the tech preview software.

Not sure what are you trying to say?


You pointed me to another topic. I see different instructions there from those in this topic.
Anyway, I’m trying to say that after 1.5 years of development, I thought that it’s a finish product and should be a proper guide in Docs for any newbie that wants to try it, because it’s a useful tool. And you cand find about it reading the forum, not in the Docs. The forum should be optional for any SNO.
And yes, I read the entire topic to figure out where to run those commands, for different OS-es and node installs, and if there are recent updates, or problems that I might encounter.
And still… I have questions ananswered.


You can always ask your questions and someone will always respond.

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Does anyone have a new Docker image for this? The old Docker image no longer works.

The “old” image still works fine for me.

Can you show me the command you use to run it? Mine errors.

version: "3.3"
    restart: unless-stopped
    user: 1001:1001
    image: storjlabs/multinode:latest
      - 18002:15002/tcp
      - /home/storagenode/.local/share/storj/identity/multinode:/app/identity
      - /home/storagenode/.local/share/storj/multinode:/app/config

Is the multinode folder mount to app/config an empty dir?

PS: Is there an easy way to convert a regular docker command to docker-compose? Trying to figure out how to make my storagenode use docker-compose but having some troubles. Could you share yours?


if the path /home/storagenode/.local/share/storj/multinode doesn’t exist. Here should be a multinode’s database.

You can use this example:

Thank you! It used to be an error because I was providing it with a directory with something in it.


Since v1.70.2 was released, my multinode dashboard has updated its image too and now the disk usage historical graph is not working anymore.

Does this happens to everyone? Is it a bug?

I believe so. You need to rollback it to 1.69.2

Yes, my multinode dashboard is also not working, for a couple of months now, even with 1.69.2. I think the downgrade doesn’t work since the problem on the graphs starts from single nodes on v1.70.2

The bug with storage usage graph is introduced in v1.70.2 of storagenode, so it will report it wrongly to the multinode dashboard as well independently of multinode dashboard version, checked with v1.68.2, v1.69.2 and v1.70.2

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Hello Alexey, I gone through the topic, but I didn’t found some guide how to setup this dashboard.
Can you advise there to find the manual or maybe how to do this? At the moment my nodes running under Docker for Windows 10


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Hello @Aka985,
It’s in the top message of this topic.
There is no installer, only binary.
In this topic the Community made a docker image: Multinode Dashboard Docker image

There is also an official Docker image.

If you want to add a node, you need the node ID and the api key. You get both with the following: (replace storagenode1 with the name of one of your storagenodes)

docker exec -it storagenode1 /app/storagenode issue-apikey --config-dir config --identity-dir identity --log.output stdout