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hi guys,

my team is working on something very interesting, we currently have an online beta! In a nutshell … it’s a telegram bot that uploads files sent to itself on the storj network! automatically returns a link from where you can download them. We all know that the telegram Bots have a limit of 20MB per file … I still wanted to make the username of the bot available to fans of this decentralized system: @LoadyBot
We will also release the source code shortly, so that we can carry on this project together with all of you!

I’m here waiting for your advice and clarifications.

Happy to have known this community



Very cool @jimmy! I would love to learn more about it - and chat about how we can best socialize it once tested :). Can you send an email to

Let’s be the cloud!


Thank you @keleffew!
I will be happy to contact you by email. I am also available via Telegram!

Thanks for your interest.


First test worked just fine.

Great tool!

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Thank you @twl!
If you found any bug, please contact us!

Will do, but currently real life use cases are pretty rare thanks to telegrams 20MB limitation.

How about the following: I signal the bot that i want to store a larger file, e.g. by typing “uploadlarge”, it then replies with an URL I can open in my browser - there I’ll be able to drop my file, then receive the DL link via Telegram again.

Also, how do you guys pay for the occuring storj fees atm?

@twl that’s a great idea!
I will analyze a possible approach to the problem.
In fact, the limit imposed by telegram is a problem

We are actually using a 1 TB Tardigrade storage coupon. We are in a test environment for now, but we will see how to move for the shorter future


we implemented the /delete command.
passing the complete url ( …), only the owner identified by Telegram user id, will be able to delete the recently uploaded file.

We are creating a GitHub Repo to share our code and to hope in a community help.

Our Next Road Map

  • Implement a complete file control via Telegram
  • Implement a larger file upload system based on telgram Auth
  • Client Stats (Space and Bandwidth Usage)
  • Re engineering the code

We are searching someone interested in this concept who want to collaborate to maintain the code or to pen-test the system :slight_smile:

Thanks to the users that tried the Bot!! :+1:



Deleting worked almost instantly :+1:

However, when I follow the link to a deleted file, I’d rather see a HTML message than JSON:

How long are files kept online if the uploader doesn’t delete them?

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Hi @jimmy , I’m interested in your great project, looking forward to collaborate!
Telegram me @Dnugget , cheers!

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Yes we are working on. At the moment we are implementing an Async Stream from Storj -> Our Server -> Client, in order to have a continuous and immediate flow without waiting times during the download. This will help on bigger files!

At the moment the files will not be deleted until the user decides to delete them himself

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Thanks! I’ve contacted you :slight_smile: