Template for troubleshooting storage node issues

Hi everyone,
nearly everytime someone opens a post asking for help (mostly because their node is offline), they tend to not include details like software version etc, which leads to lots of questions makes remote troubleshooting more tedious for our helpful forum members. So to save everyone some time, let’s create a “Node Troubleshooting Template” to pin in the SNO subforum! :slight_smile:

So my first draft would be:

Node software type: Win GUI | Docker Linux | Docker Windows (deprecated)
Node software version: v0.33.4
OS details: e.g. Windows 10 Pro x64 19H2 | Ubuntu LTS 18.04
Virtualization: no virtualization | ESXi | VirtualBox
Location (optional): your Country
ISP type: Fiber | Cable | DSL | Wireless
external IP address (please DON’T paste your public IP address here!): static | dynamic with DDNS
DDNS provider: No-IP | dyn.org | Synology | ChangeIP | other (please specify)
DDNS set up via router or via DUC software?: Router | DUC
Type of hardware: RPi | Desktop/Server | NAS
How is your HDD connected: SATA | USB | iSCSI
File system: NTFS | ext4 | ZFS
Satellite specific problem?: all Sats | Salt Lake | EU | US | Asia

Having this kind of information gives a way better idea of the environment a user encountered an error in.

Feel free to discuss, suggest more info, tell me if that’s too much info etc etc etc…


If you mean something like a github issue then it makes sense. New users; even some old ones don’t even search before making a topic so expecting them to look up a pinned post is asking a lot.

Besides every issue need not require all of this info. I :heart: that you thought about it and came up with a great idea :sparkling_heart:

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That’s why they should be lured into this pinned template thread that screams “PROBLEMS WITH YOUR STORAGE NODE? CHECK HERE!” in big letters :wink:

Besides every issue need not require all of this info.

Yeah, I was just creating a draft from the top of my head. I just bugs me that in almost all of those threads, the first question that comes up is “are you running docker or GUI?”

I appreciate the time and effort people put into helping out “random strangers”, but these people might get tired of asking the same stuff over and over again…

Storj V3 would be dockerless :soon: so we will see different set of errors as well.

Sure, looking forward to the new linux standalone errors :hugs:


I guess we’re not going to list all dyndns providers, so maybe adding “other: specify” (I’m using changeip)

Keep in mind not everyone is native or comfortable with acronyms :sweat_smile: What does DUC mean?

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Dynamic DNS Update Client


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