Terminal dashboard one-time output?

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I know it’s possible to display a node’s dashboard via terminal like so:

docker exec -it STORJ_NODE_NAME /app/dashboard.sh

Which displays something like follows:

Storage Node Dashboard ( Node Version: v1.45.3 )


ID     xxxx
Uptime 113h10m4s

                   Available         Used       Egress      Ingress
     Bandwidth           N/A     34.47 GB     13.22 GB     21.26 GB (since Dec 1)
          Disk       2.16 GB     17.84 GB
External xxxx:xxxx

But this is a dynamic dashboard that gets updated automatically on screen every 3 seconds, and locks the input until Ctrl+C is pressed.
Is it possible to run this dashboard so it prints these info on screen, and then exit right away?

When running dashboard.sh --help I couldn’t make sense of most options, so I’m not sure that’s doable.

Does anyone know? :thinking:


Same thoughts 3 days ago. :innocent: :+1:t2:

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If Linux maybe " command && exit" with command being the dashboard command I am unsure but it may work

timeout 10s tail -f your command

timeout 5 docker exec -it storagenode /app/dashboard.sh

Doesn’t work, nothing gets displayed at all when I try. It hangs for 5 seconds, and then returns the prompt without displaying anything:

pac@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo timeout 5s docker exec -it storj_node_1 /app/dashboard.sh
pac@raspberrypi:~ $ 

Try remove s just" timeout 5 command"

timeout 5” is the same as “timeout 5s”, it’s just that “second” is the default unit:

DURATION is a floating point number with an optional suffix: ‘s’ for seconds (the default), ‘m’ for minutes, ‘h’ for hours or ‘d’ for days. A duration of 0 disables the associated timeout.

I tried anyway to be sure, but the result is the same: no output.