Test Data on the Storj Network and Surge Payouts for Storage Node Operators

But if this is the case, wouldn’t be a solution easily be possible? Node knows which satellites exist, node knows from which satellites data is stored and node knows how much space is left. So when a node fills up, for the last remaining 5GB or something, he could report “space full” to all satellites he has already data from and “space available” to only those satellites that are missing or he carries only very few data. Maybe even SNO could set the threshold (vetting space).

With this a SNO could make sure that his node keeps receiving data but also that he receives data from all satellites so he keeps getting vetted on all satellites.

And even if a new satellite pops up, node would recognize that data is missing for this satellite. As soon as space gets available e.g. if customer deletes a few GBs, the node would reserve the vetting space for the new satellite and thus make sure, that the node has a chance to get vetted on the new satellite even if it is full.

How does this sound?


This looks interesting to me - reserving some space for new satellites.

Reversing space does not seem a good idea to me, if you have been running a node for 9+ months you will get 75% of the revenue if a new satellite comes along you will only get 25% of the revenue in the first month. Assuming you have a full or nearly full node what is the incentive to want to get vetted on the new one when your currently stored data is worth more with the older satellite?

See payout structure at https://storj.io/blog/2019/01/sharing-storage-space-for-fun-and-profit


Thinking about it:

  1. If SNO could set the threshold, then it is totally up to him. If he sets it to 0 no space will be reserved.
  2. Space will only be reserved if node does not hold already data from all satellites. If enough data is present, no need to reserve space.
  3. Reserved space might only be small share. If you run a 2 TB node and 5 GBs are reserved space, I don’t see it would hurt your earnings very much.

It is a fallback strategy. Vetting is expensive. It takes time up to 30 days while you receive only 5% of potential traffic from a satellite. As SNO has no control over the data he never can be sure the data he has today he still has tomorrow. If a customer decides to delete data it can be gone any time. If you get disqualified on a satellite, it is gone. In that case you will be happy if you can replace the lost data as quickly as possible with data from other satellites. Also when you expand your node. And the best position for that is if you have been vetted.
So basically the incentive is to be ready to receive data at 100% rate from any satellite at all times.

One thing I’m not sure about and might help the situation is …

How much of the “test” data is there for node Incentive only? and how quickly can it be removed from the network if required?

So when a node is getting full, to say 85 - 95%, It sends an update to the testing satellites who then start to remove some of the “incentive data”, freeing up room for customer data?

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Looks like stefan-benten satellite has started deleting data:


Mine too…

How low will the baseline go ?

I’m hoping it’s low enough to shuffle my drive space… been wanting to add some new services.

That satellite has about 2TB on my node IIRC, so, not a lot.

That statement comes from their testing pattern, and is not relevant for production, it can be less than 1% in prod, that will entirely depend on the use-case of their clients.

In my case is was not even 10%, it was 5%. So my statement (made over a month ago) was valid, 95% of my storage is almost free to the network.

For now the best way to run a de-centralized cloud storage would be on a centralised cloud storage, AWZ or a VPS.

In what way is it better to pay more for something like that?

im not paying more and can’t even write that comment as I need to write 20 chars

I’m sorry… what…?


Anyone else notice that test data is no longer comming in and now deletes are? Man i want more of that test data to come in

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Yes. I see deletes from all satellites but mostly the testing one.

Saltlake started deleting a lot of files.

I have noticed too that the ingress and egress amount has drastically dropped and the free space is starting to go up again.
Is the testdata complete and will start to cycle now as mentioned in the original post?

After re-adjusting my free space setting in order to get more headroom, I’m now up from -6% free space to -4%. Yay. At this rate I’ll be ready to receive vetting data from my closest satellite (North Europe) before the end of the month. :slight_smile:

Update. That went faster than expected, I now have data from North Europe.

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Considering my node just filled up, I’m happy that the deletes have started. I have a couple hundred GB free now.

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I think the idea is great too, yes I have invested money in HW and do not regret it! I only installed 4x 4TB a few days ago!

Can you describe how you bought it? I would like that too :slight_smile: