[Testers Needed] Experimental Web Interface + Duplicati

The Labs team is developing an experimental web interface for Storj/Tardigrade. We would love to get early feedback from select community members on the user experience, and help finding bugs. During this 2nd testing phase, data and accounts will be deleted frequently.

For anyone who is interested in participating we are asking you apply via this form. Selected applications will receive an invite to a testing Slack channel and an access URL. Please note that during this phase data and accounts on this experimental web interface will be deleted every few days.

Screenshots of current development:


Oh nice UI, for what is the Duplicati form used? Creating some prefilled backupconfig (with best practices config) which can be imported into Duplicati?

My personal feeling: This is now duplicati with server side encryption? Could you please include some information around that? Best case the form will advice me to use client side enryption and explain me why I should care. If the form gives me that feeling I might be willing to use server side encryption instead. For that I need the feeling that you care about my security. Currently the form gives me the feeling that you are trying to hide the risks. Just my personal opinion.


You currently have to manually enter in the details to setup a Duplicati backup. We are looking into using a prefilled backup config, or direct integration.

Duplicati supports client side encryption, and the S3 gateway it connects to does server side encryption. That means that in this alpha the data will be client side encrypted, and then server side encrypted. Please see the tutorial setup below, and let us know if we should message it differently.

We are looking into adding Storj style client style encryption directly into Duplicati.

That is the important message that this form should include or directly link.

I am not so much interested in a solution how to enable client side encryption in duplicati. If I have to enable that my next step would be to switch out the backend and pay for a cheaper service while still having the same duplicati client side enryption. The main difference to the tardigrade client side encryption is that the tardigrade solution was better. It allowed me to access my client side enrypted data with different tools. I can use duplicati and rclone side by side. I could even download an android app. If it supports tardigrade backend I would trust it because up until now I trust tardigrade backend.

I am willing to wait for the new client side encryption solution. In the meantime please be as transparent as possible. As a customer I care about my security. I want you to show me that you care about that as well. Please always tell me when I opt in to server side encryption and the risks connected to it. A good way to do this with duplicati would be to mention the native tardigrade connector. I am willing to stick with that and wait for the final solution that would give me both benefits. Client side encryption plus gateway mt performance.


At this point I’ve got 3 systems trying to do do just a user home dir backup from windows to the S3 endpoint for Duplicati- they all die on some reason.

I’m sure they’re under “pebkac” errors, due to not working with duplicati before, but I’m unsure how all three could be having issues with missing pieces/purge issues and not being able to do repairs without basically doing nuke&pave each attempt because repairs are unable to recover.

I think you mean this issue:

I’m running a backup of a 24TB NAS mount and so far it’s been running continuously for 3 days with no problems.